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is the extreme heat across southern california. widespread triple digits for san diego, los angeles, palm springs, into parts of death valley. even seeing that across interior portion of california. we do have some good news. some improvement out here across southern parts of california because we're going to be seeing some cooler air moving in as we head into the second half of the weekend and even to kick off the workweek. los angeles, tomorrow you'll be out of the triple digits and by monday, low 80s. san diego, by monday, you're expecting high temperatures only in the 70s. so again, finally some relief here. but desert also continue to see the hot temperatures that are typical this time of year like death valley. >> arthel: too bad we don't have a neutralizer where you give everybody the weather they need. thank you. >> rick: politics now on the campaign trailident obama and gop nominee, governor mitt romney taking the day off, while vice presidential nominee congressman paul ryan making a stop at rally near tampa's shore. ryan slamming the feds' new plan tonnages the economy. that was announ
presidents. >> mitt romney in the meantime southern california and los angeles and san diego. but he has no public events uma. >> thank you very much. >>> and new logos made by the obama campaign upset americans. those 69s on the campaign website are showing a redesigned american plagthat puts a obama logo where the stars normally go. check it out and let us know what you think. tweet your swars to us. go to hurricaneuma. and check out our shows web page fox web pages. and movie theater in colorado is set to reopen next year. owners say that the theators will be refurbished and redesigned. we learned that three shooting victims filed a lawsuit. jame they argue that at this time exit door should have had an alarm. some republicans are outraged over how the obama administration handled the murder of four americans. >> this president doesn't believe in american leadership. that's what it is all about. >> john mccain an outspoken critic and up next my one on one with him. >> a space marvel and approaching the milestone. we'll check in with the nasa scientist. hey! did you know that honey nut
. two more fund-raisers in southern california, los angeles and san diego. this comes, by the way, as he gets a clean bill of health from longtime family doctor. he says he is suited for the rigors of being president and only problem he appears to have some high cholesterol. >> gregg: he joins a lot of americans with that issue. >>> nominee paul ryan than the isn't the only one campaigning in wisconsin. president obama is there as well. we have the latest from the campaign trail straight ahead. >> heather: right now romney and president obama is campaigning in different parts of the country. week and a half from now they will meet face on face at a stage in denver on the first presidential debate. both sides are expected to come out swinging. what can we expect? jamie weinstein joins us with more. thanks for joining us? >> thank you for having me. >> heather: 12 days from now, it's a domestic policy debate. what is the most important thing each of the candidates going forward? >> i think for romney no question he has to convey that the economy, everyone agrees is not in the best shape, i
raised in the last few days around los angeles and san san francisco some $9 million. no one expects him to be competitive in the general election. tomorrow he will be going to colorado and first time he has been there in seven weeks. so much time has been spent fund-raising. he has taken a fair amount of heat from republicans in conveying ideas. he will go to colorado tonight, exactly ten days before the first presidential debate will take place in colorado. its clear signal from the romney campaign they hit the state seriously and they have an opportunity to win. tomorrow paul ryan will kick off a bus tour in ohio and romney will join him on tuesday. leaving los angeles now headed for colorado for the event in denver tonight. remainder of the week he plans to accelerate it pretty hard. this is the first weekend he has worked fund-raising both saturday and sunday in more than a month. there is clear recognition that the sprinted is here. they have to step it up to catch barack obama but also to keep the republican base that he needs happy and shows he's got the necessary energy to go th
protests is guilty of violating his parole. authorities are saying he was picked up at his suburban los angeles home and questioned by federal probation officers. he was not detained or arrested. he is banned from using computers and the internet as part of his probation after a conviction for bank fraud. >>> as the anti-u.s. attacks and protests spread world wide, our u.s. embassies abroad are facing millions of dollars in cuts to security. those details came a week late, but the white house is now finally providing a breakdown of where the cuts in the budget will come from on january 2 if congress fails to reach a deal on deficit reduction. peter doocy is standing by with more from washington. >> you're right, united states embassies abroad will suffer further security setbacks if the sequester takes effect because there are $129 million in cuts to embassy security and maintenance and construction in a 394-page report released by the white house yesterday that lays out the specific things that add up to the $1.2 trillion in cuts over the next decade. half copping from domestic program
in california today. and one this afternoon in san diego and one tonight in los angeles. since he has no chance of winning in california he has no campaign events scheduled. all he's basically doing is raising money, back to you. >> kelly: steve, thanks for the update. >> still inside america's election headquarters, fox the place to be. the new developments in the murder of the four americans in libya at the consulate. republican lawmakers are calling on president obama to clarify exactly what happened there on 9/11. senior administration officials of the white house have gone from calling the attack spontaneous from a protest to a self-evident and i'm quoting, terror attack. they're questioning as well if the president now needs to address the american people on this issue, especially since this story is not going away. let's debate a fair and balanced with angela mcglowan and julia, and an advisor to senator wattenburg, i imagine you're fired up today. >> yeah, we are, jamie, we are. >> julie, is this a question of delay on what we now know or denial, because it certainly looks like the whi
can help a foster child. >> welcome back, the sequel of car-mageddon in los angeles, shut down, if all goes according to plan, it will stay that way before a bridge is built before themonda and transportation officials are hoping the weekend project proves as successful as last year's did. >> carmageddon 2 is here. >> later than midnight? >> i would pick another route to go. you will be diverted. >> this time around we've got a third more bridge to demolish. it will take all the time this time. and at least we don't anticipate finishing early. >> kelly: take a look. here are live pictures right now. drivers have been warned for weeks now to avoid the construction zone this weekend. ♪ >> what an important topic this is. it's good news this year, because the vaccine guards against two new strains of influenza circling the globe. dr. somati, chief of robotics at mount sinai, in new york city. he has to get the flu shot and the hospital personnel does. and i said i'm going to do it this year. >> it's a good idea. this year we're much, much more prepared than a year ago. about 13
. meantime, mitt romney had two fund raidsers planned for san diego and los angeles today, but otherwise no public campaign events. he's trying catch up with democrats in the fundraising race. the republicans are behind by a few million dollars in august. >> rick: besaw congressman ryan get boo'd at that aarp rally. he's talking to seniors in florida about medicare. how is that going? >> right. he's saying his plan would save medicare. the president's would put it out of business. now, about a quarter of the florida electorate is over 65, so this issue, of course, very hot in the shine state. congressman ryan's controversial budget plan called for a premium support system to help seniors buy insurance on the private market or use the current plan. and here is how he within after the president today. >> mitt romney and i have looked at the issue, worked with democrats, come up with the best ideas from both parties for a plan to save medicare. president obama hasn't done a thing. president obama obviously is complicit with this program going bankrupt. >> the white house claims it has stren
for military families, women's health rights, and restoring jobs. >>> extreme weather hitting los angeles. hot and dry conditions today, fueling this. a raging brush fire about 300 firefighters are battling the flames. the fire started as temperatures soared near 100 degrees. luckily no reports of homes damaged. residents understandably still worried. >> we were scared. we were very scared. >> the thought of losing your home and what would you do after that and thinking we need to pack up all your stuff, what should you pack up? when should you leave? >> heather: meteorologist maria molina is live with more on this. >> hi. good to see you. we're talking about across parts of southern california with basically widespread triple digit high temperatures. some of these temperatures are breaking records or tying records over the last three days out here. today we reached triple digits across l.a., san diego, and interior portions of southern california. death valley, 109 degrees. extremely hot here. i do have good news. that area of high pressure that's producing the extreme heat across southern pa
at homes in businesses and driving was treacherous. >> heather: in los angeles, transportation project so big it is dubbed carmageddon two, 10 mile stretch of 405 shutdown today will remain closed for 53 hours for a project to widen the freeway. >> gregg: scandal rocking the state police crime lab in massachusetts. take a look at this former lab chemist now charged with faking drug tests and falsifying evidence for years. now tens of thousands of drug-related convictions could be tossed out. molly line with more. >> reporter: investigators believe a state lab tech tampered with evidence in a of cases for years, mixing samples, not testing others and altering results. she was realized friday charged with obstruction of justice, and friending to hold a university agree. the attorney general of massachusetts said she turned the system on its head. more than a dozen relasted from jail, many are expected to get out, including those convicted of violent crimes and dealing drugs as prosecutors and defense attorneys struggle to cleanup the mess. the lab in boston was closed and state's public he
. that suspect now is in custody. >> california commuters experiencing deja vu in los angeles, again, shutting down part of busy interstate 405 for repairs. this stretch is expected to re-open tomorrow morning. >> listen to this story, high school football fans cheering on a bullied teenager in michigan. the 16-year-old girl taking the field as part of the homecoming court although she was originally nominated as a hoax by a bunch of bullies. people even came from neighboring towns to show their support. good for her. >>gregg: she is my hero. i love that. that is a great story. good for her. >> let's talk about the presidential debate. we are just days away from the first one on wednesday. our campaign insiders back, john leboutillier, pat caddell, and doug schoen. pat, you prepareed jimmy carter for the debate in 1980 and mondale in 1984. talk to us about the debates, the challengers have an advantage, is that true? >>guest: the vehicle for challengers, particularly they need to answer a question. in 1960, sergeant john kennedy when i explored it i assumed that kennedy had beaten nixon decisi
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)

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